UKCA Marking - Notes:

More information concerning UKCA Marking will be published here when available , in the meantime the CE Marking Notes may be useful. 

UKCA Process.JPG

UKCA Marking Process:

This document provides a simple summary of the overall UKCA Marking process that needs to be followed if your products full within the scope of the applicable directives. Click on the image to access the document.


Statement: Petts Consulting Ltd will provide an Organization with the knowledge of the Directives and an appropriate process which, when applied correctly will demonstrate due-diligence. However, the CE-marking is the manufacturers claim that the product meets the essential requirements of all relevant European Directives. In many cases the process to be carried out is a self-declaration process and the responsibility for any decisions lie with the management of the Company. During the course of the project Petts Consulting Limited will provide guidance and advice but ultimately it cannot be held responsible for such decisions.