Our People: 


We have assembled a focused team of trusted people that enable us to help you in a wide range of areas from product regulatory issues through to getting the best from quality and information management systems. We operate as an association of experts and consultants and hence are able to provide unified solutions to your problems. 

Dr Colin R Petts - Director

Colin was educated at University College London where he obtained a 1st Class Honours degree in Applied Physics and a PhD in Electronic Engineering. He has worked with both high and low-tech manufacturing and service industries for over 35 years. During this time he has had a variety of roles including research and development, product engineering, operations management , strategic planning and control. He has board level experience in medium-sized businesses and an intuitive understanding of the problems encountered by such businesses. As a result he has gained extensive experience of business restructuring, unit integration and the associated change management. His experience with regulatory issues was originally gained through actually trying to get real product into the marketplace and hence always adopts a pragmatic but rigorous approach to things like CE marking etc. Click here for detailed information.

Bob Bell - Associate

Bob has extensive experience in managing Test departments, Production departments and Product management in High tech manufacturing and Pharmaceutical and semi-conductor plant manufacture both mechanical and electrical. He has been involved with the implementation of change within these environments. Previously Bob has also been responsible for the design and production of electronic units used in scientific instruments, and the maintenance of medium sized manufacturing plants. 

Hanna Petts - Associate

Hanna is Senior Industrial Designer with professional experience in furniture, consumer and infant products within both consultancy and in house design teams has a proven ability to bring considered and desirable products to market. As a client facing designer with an in-depth understanding of the design process, from initial strategy and research to final product development, manufacture and installation, Hanna can mediate between vision and delivery.  Click here for more information.

Peter Metcalfe - Associate

Peter is an Honours Graduate in Electronics and has over thirty years lecturing experience in Analogue and Digital Electronics and Communications Systems. He has been a qualified, active Radio Amateur for over forty years, with all the RFI experience that this entails. He currently runs the EMC test facility in Burgess Hill, providing both in-room and on-site EMC testing. Peter also has more than fifteen years experience providing consultancy and training for numerous companies from multi-national to sole traders. He is a member of EMCTLA, EMCIA and ETSI Technical Group 17.

Marja Petts - Director

Marja was educated at St Hugh's College Oxford where studied English. She speaks German and French. Previously she worked in a number of administrative roles; she subsequently trained as a Nurse. In Petts Consulting Limited her responsibilities include web design, administration and aspects of finance.

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