New Product Introduction and Product Improvement:


No matter what your business is based on, at some stage you will need to develop and introduce new products or services. There are many aspects that need to be considered when contemplating a product development,

  • Product fit with the Company's plan? 

  • Do you understand the target market? 

  • What are the risks? Technical and Financial 

  • What are the legal and regulatory issues? 

  • Have all the relevant stakeholders been involved? 

  • Intellectual Property or knowledge-base protected? 

  • Do we have the relevant skills?..... 


Having an truly effective new product introduction process can give your business a serious edge , have a bad one can have a devastating effect on the business.

We have many years experience in new product introduction and can help your business in the following areas:

  • Technical auditing and review 

  • Assessing the needs 

  • Managing an developing technical people 

  • Effective planning and project management 

  • Regulatory issues and directives 

  • Control of product development and/or special projects 

  • Risk assessment and costing of projects 

  • Product launch - engineering, marketing, realization 


We can help to identify all of the stages involved in taking a new product from a basic idea through to a successful launch. We can provide assistance with both the planning and implementation of the complete introduction cycle. Click here for an examples of development based project.

We are often able to provide practical assistance, assembling revised prototypes which include the necessary modifications to ensure compliance with the appropriate regulations.

Armed with the prototype and a detailed report concerning the changes, the manufacturer can easily replicate the required changes on their production units. In a small number of cases we have even carried out very small scale initial production to meet client demanding schedules.