CE Marking - Notes:

Notes from this web site can be downloaded in PDF form. These can be accessed by clicking on the required document below. The document will open in a new window.


Brief Introduction to CE Marking:

This document answers a range of questions including What is CE marking? , Does my product need to be CE marked? and What is the process? Click on the  image to access the document.






CE Marking Process:

This document provides a simple summary of the overall CE Marking process that needs to be followed if your products full within the scope of the applicable directives. Click on the image to access the document.

CE Training - basics:

This document provides details of our informal on-site training sessions which are intended to provide the Client with a good basic understanding of CE Marking. This particular document relates to CE Marking of Machinery but the approach outlined is generally applicable. Click on the image to access the document.

CE Marking.JPG

Important: These notes are provided as a means of understanding the CE Marking process, however they should not be used in isolation. It is strongly recommended that reference should be made to the original directives etc before applying the methods and techniques illustrated or that independent advice be obtained (Contact us).