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We are  small technical consultancy based in the South East of England but operating throughout the UK and beyond. Our aim is to provide realistic and affordable help to organizations of all sizes to create sustainable solutions. We don't just tell you what you should be doing, we are here to remove your problems!


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We have assembled a focussed team of trusted people that enable us to help you in a wide range of areas from product regulatory issues through to getting the best from quality and information management systems.  

Most clients contact us for help with product regulatory (CE Marking) or process related issues, but soon learn that we have experience that can help them in many other ways. We have particular expertise in dealing with businesses whose products or services are described by one or more of the following:


The product is technologically advanced and complex
The product is subject to regulatory controls
Technically complex processes are involved in production
Products changes due to rapid development are plentiful
The products have a high degree of customisation
The business is “build-to-order” or “configure-to-order”
Individual product volumes are medium to low.






BREXIT UPDATE: 8th December 2017

The Joint Report  (TF50 (2017) 19) covering the first stage of the UK's "disengagement" from the EU has now been issed , it obviously covers a lot of ground, but the important part from the point-of-view of CE Marking is Aricle 90 on page 14 (of 15) which reads,

90. On ensuring continuity in the availability of goods placed on the market under Union law before withdrawal both Parties recognise the need to provide legal certainty and minimise disruption to business and consumers. Both Parties have agreed the principles that the goods placed on the market under Union law before withdrawal may freely circulate on the markets of the UK and the Union with no need for product modifications or re-labelling; be put into service where provided in Union law, and that the goods concerned should be subject to continued oversight.

In a nutsheel this means nothing changes... at least up until "withdrawal" (the "withdrawal date" is actually unclear from the communications and might vary depending on the area of interest). What happens afterwards is unclear and obviously there will be a lot of detailed legislation required to implement anything. We'll keep you informed as we hear.


 Updated 8th December 2017


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