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We are  small technical consultancy based in the South East of England but operating throughout the UK and beyond. Our aim is to provide realistic and affordable help to organizations of all sizes to create sustainable solutions. We don't just tell you what you should be doing, we are here to remove your problems!


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We have assembled a focussed team of trusted people that enable us to help you in a wide range of areas from product regulatory issues through to getting the best from quality and information management systems.  

Most clients contact us for help with product regulatory (CE Marking) or process related issues, but soon learn that we have experience that can help them in many other ways. We have particular expertise in dealing with businesses whose products or services are described by one or more of the following:


The product is technologically advanced and complex
The product is subject to regulatory controls
Technically complex processes are involved in production
Products changes due to rapid development are plentiful
The products have a high degree of customisation
The business is “build-to-order” or “configure-to-order”
Individual product volumes are medium to low.






BREXIT and CE Marking ??? - what happens... firstly, don't panic, for now there are no changes and that's likely to be the case for some time to come.

 Brexit and CE Marking

Some initial thoughts  concerning the likely are given here,  but if you need to talk now, please feel free to contact us.


This web site is intended to provide you with a taste of how we can help and provide a little information, but as always its better to talk directly. It will cost you nothing and we vow not to hassle you following an inititial consulation. For the various ways of contacting us Click Here.


 Updated 17th May 2017


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